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Succeed with Science

Succeed with Science

December 02, 2022

Career success isn’t a matter of luck. The Glassdoor website shares these tips, backed by science, for getting to the top: 

Walk tall 

Research suggests that taller men and women have an advantage in the workplace. You may not be able to increase your height, but an erect posture and a confident walk can make you appear stronger and more leaderlike. 

Take control 

Your mindset is crucial to your success. Studies show that believing you’re competent and talented can become a self-fulling prophecy. Instead of resigning to fate, take an active role in pursuing your career by networking, seeking training in new skills, and the like. 

Practice positive thinking 

Pay attention to your thoughts and push away those filled with self-doubt and worry. Experts have found a definite link between having a negative mindset and being unproductive on the job. Try keeping a journal where you write down things that you’re grateful for every day. Spend some time each day going over the positive experiences you’ve enjoyed. 

Target happiness 

Few people succeed at a job they’re miserable in—and even if they do, they’re rarely happy or satisfied. Choose a career that you’ll enjoy working in—one that fits both your personality and your skills. Even faking a smile can trick your mind into thinking you’re in a better mood. 

Commit to teamwork 

Scientists have found that people succeed faster when they develop a team mindset and make a devoted effort to helping their team succeed—not “beating” your co-workers and other perceived competitors. Teamwork can help build emotional intelligence, another tool in reaching your professional goals.